Friday, November 1, 2013

Waterlox Turns a Wisconsin Bungalow Into a Home

When Britt and her boyfriend Brian purchased a beautiful 1929 bungalow in Madison, Wisconsin a few years ago, they discovered a treasure. Not literally a treasure in monetary terms but they found that the home’s attic was ideal for converting into a perfectly spaced upstairs master bedroom.

This space was excellent but it had old pine boards that needed quite a bit of work, as well as other areas of the room that needed work, as well. So the “treasure” needed a “key” to open its beauty and durability – and that came in the form of Waterlox.

Brian said he focused on developing the room overall while pulling out the pine boards to sand them in the basement and work on them outdoors the following summer.

“We had to have a lot of structural work done so we carefully pried up each board, pulled nails, and stored in the basement and in the spring we sanded down, stored again and then when we were ready, we nailed it down, picked a starting point so we knew how much wood we would have left,” Brian said.

But to protect the wood, Brian had a lot of research to do online to find the right product.

I have friend who has a cabin who used a polyurethane and he talked about how it cracks and yellows but I found Waterlox mentioned quite a lot in forums and everyone kept saying the same thing about them … ‘once you become a user you become an advocate’ and it’s totally true,” he added.

“The product offers an amazing contrast and we could not be happier. It went on really easy – I’ve never finished a floor in my life so I was a little intimidated and maybe a little skeptical but we used it and everything came out beautiful.

“I’m not sure what the species of the pine was but Waterlox really brought out a red hue and it was really nice and I couldn’t have asked for anything better. It brought out the red and a real natural look in the grains and the knots. I’ve already had responses on my Facebook page and a friend is building a house and she’s going to use Waterlox just based on how well it performed for us.”