Thursday, March 17, 2011

Marine Case Study -- USS Constellation

When the United States Navy launched the USS Constellation in 1854, it carried a band of 325 sailors and crew. Today, the ship plays host to over 100,000 visitors annually, who come from around the world to experience the beautifully restored vessel at the USS Constellation Museum in Baltimore, Maryland.

When Paul Powichroski, Marine Superintendent at the USS Constellation Museum, began working to restore the 156 year-old ship’s interior, he turned to the premium wood finish trusted by wood craftsmen for nearly a century.

“I first used Waterlox over 20 years ago,” Paul said. “I chose to use Waterlox on the USS Constellation restoration project because it allows the original appearance of the wood to be replicated accurately, giving it a true historic appearance.”

Paul, who is currently working on what he calls the “small boat restoration project,” says he plans to use Waterlox on all seven of the small watercrafts that will be constructed as part of the undertaking. “I enjoy using Waterlox because it is easy to use and maintain, along with the fact that it is very forgiving,” Paul said.

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