Friday, July 15, 2011

Woodworker Frank Klausz Depends on Waterlox for Quality, Protection

In the world of woodworking, Frank Klausz is a legend. The Pluckemin, New Jersey master woodworker has been a significant factor in the industry for more than 50 years.

Klausz writes articles for trade journals and travels throughout North America giving woodworking seminars to professionals looking to learn from the best. His clientele has included Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Christine Todd Whitman, Malcolm Forbes and Ester Johnson, of Johnson and Johnson, as well as the New Jersey State House, the Newark Museum, Zimmerly Art Museum and hundreds of private and public corporations and residences.

Educated in Hungary and a graduated journeyman in 1959, Klausz launched his own company in 1972, Frank’s Cabinet Shop, crafting everything from reception desks and conference tables to furniture reproductions including Queen Anne, Chippendale, Shaker and Egyptian pieces.

Regardless of the client or the piece, Klausz depends on one name to protect the quality, integrity and luster of his woodworking pieces – Waterlox.

“The Waterlox amber color brings out the beautiful color of the mahogany and that’s really one of the biggest reasons why I use it and why I suggest others do, as well,” Klausz said.

“Waterlox protects the quality of wood and I prefer to use it because of the Tung Oil finish,” he added. Images of Klausz’s woodwork are available for viewing on his web site at

Klausz shows off his jewelry box at his seminars, a great example of how Waterlox protects original, hand-crafted woodwork. The reception he gets from it is so positive that he has to touch up the top every two or three years from woodworkers handling it. (Touch ups are easy to do with Waterlox Original Sealer/Finish and sanding to bare wood to do so is not required.)

“I lean heavily on Waterlox because it really brings out the color in wood, many times I’m looking to enhance that beautiful amber color and that’s how I’m able to do it,” Klausz said. “Most of my furniture pieces are finished with Waterlox. Most of my personal residence, including my kitchen is also finished with Waterlox.”

Klausz and many other wood working professionals have used Waterlox products because Waterlox produces a unique wood finishes line even amongst others who use Tung oil in their formulations. Waterlox Original Tung oil finishes are resin-modified Tung oil based wood finishes; and, because they are resin-modified Tung oil finishes, they penetrate into the pores of the wood and form a film that is water-resistant, elastic and stands up to foot traffic and common household spills.

Further, Waterlox finishes are different from other types of wood finishes on the market and offer a “best of both worlds” alternative. For example, raw oils penetrate into the wood but will not provide any real protection to the substrate and will need to be recoated often. Surface finishes such as urethanes (either water or oil-based) will lie on top of the surface, look more like plastic, can be brittle and once breached will fail. The reason we are the best of both worlds is because Waterlox penetrates like raw oil, but protects and nurtures the wood without being brittle and having the plastic look of surface finishes.

Waterlox finishes penetrate into the pores of the wood and build up to a film that protects and nurtures the wood; and on top of all that are easier to restore and re-coat.

About Waterlox
Founded in 1910, Waterlox Coatings Corporation, based in Cleveland, Ohio, is the nation’s leading manufacturer of premium wood finishes, handmade from natural Tung oil. A fourth-generation, family-owned company, now run by Chief Executive Officer Jay Hawkins and Vice President Kellie Hawkins Schaffner, Waterlox continues to manufacture products using the finest ingredients, combining Tung oil, resins, mineral spirits and other ingredients to produce a complete wood finish that gives the look and feel of naturally oiled wood. Waterlox products represent the flooring industry’s highest level of quality protection for both interior and exterior wood finishing projects and also supply tools for application.

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