Friday, August 31, 2012

Waterlox Finishes Beautiful 6,000-Square-Foot Idaho Floor Because Other Finishes Simply Couldn’t Deliver Performance

Todd has a great deal of experience working in the wood flooring industry. As general manager of an Idaho distributor founded in 1972, Todd works to support flooring professionals with varying needs and a wide variety of projects that need completion.

He recently had a flooring contractor ask him about Waterlox because a homeowner had a 6,000-square-foot floor finished with another product but three months later, it was peeling and the color had already started to fade.

“It was 8-inch wide antique pine and they just recently had bought the floor and had it installed,” Todd said. “It was actually a prefinished product and the finish they had done didn’t even last three months. So the homeowner did a lot of research online and they realized they wanted to use Waterlox, based on its reputation.”

Todd ended up helping with the installation of Waterlox because he was already familiar with the product’s capabilities.

“We carry Waterlox because it has a great, natural look and because it’s a really durable finish,” Todd said. “We have hot summer and cold winters and the ‘wear factor’ is important with a wood flooring finish. Waterlox provides great durability and it enhances the look of the wood naturally.

“Once we put Waterlox on that floor, it was absolutely a night and day difference. It had looked like 10 years of use on it with peeling issues and a really dull finish, and that’s after only three months. When we put the Waterlox on it, the floor just changed the look of the whole house, it’s so beautiful.”

While the look and durability are important to customers, one of the other reasons that Todd recommends Waterlox to customers is its easy care and maintenance.

“That’s a huge thing being able to maintain a floor so easily with Waterlox,” he added. “Customers only need to maintain it; they don’t need to worry about wear and tear. And if they wanted to put another coat of Waterlox on it, they wouldn’t have to sand it like other products; you can just apply another coat on top of it. So of course you’re getting more of that rich look every time you add another coat of Waterlox.”

Waterlox resin-modified Tung oil-based finishes are different from other types of wood finishes on the market and offer a “best of both worlds” alternative. For example, raw oils penetrate into the wood but will not provide any real protection to the substrate and will need to be recoated often due to oxidation.

Surface finishes such as urethanes (either water or oil-based) will lie on top of the surface, look more like plastic, can be brittle and once breached will fail. The reason we are the best of both worlds is because Waterlox’s resin-modified Tung oil formation penetrates like raw oil, but protects and nurtures the wood without being brittle and having the plastic look of surface finishes.

About Waterlox
Founded in 1910, Waterlox Coatings Corporation, based in Cleveland, Ohio, is the nation’s leading manufacturer of premium wood finishes, handmade from resin-modified Tung oil. A fourth-generation, family-owned company, now run by Chief Executive Officer Jay Hawkins and Vice President Kellie Hawkins Schaffner, Waterlox continues to manufacture products using the finest ingredients, combining Tung oil, resins, mineral spirits and other ingredients to produce a complete wood finish that gives the look and feel of naturally oiled wood. Waterlox products represent the flooring industry’s highest level of quality protection for both interior and exterior wood finishing projects and also supply tools for application.

For more information about Waterlox, please visit or call (800) 321.0377. To visit Waterlox on Facebook, click HERE, or you can follow Waterlox on Twitter at @tungoilfinishes.

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