Thursday, October 28, 2010

Waterlox communicates with customers and consumers through Social Media

Starting this week, Waterlox is placing a strong emphasis on delivering and sharing our information with you electronically through our website (, social media venues and a new weekly e-newsletter. Every week, Waterlox will be posting a variety of information to include news, trends, specials, product information and application case studies through the use of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. As always, we’d love to have your feedback!

We want to address the questions, concerns and needs that you have as Waterlox customers, so every week we’ll be posting on these sites and we’ll also include mainstream trends about industry and product news on a regular basis, as well.

We’re very proud of our new Web site – Redesigned and offering an incredible amount of product and project solution information, it’s a great resource for consumers, flooring contractors and woodworking professionals. Please check it out! And don’t miss the FAQs page, it’s chock full of project guides that help with everything from flooring and woodworking tips to information on drying and curing, kitchen and countertop details and even a materials calculator to make sure you get just enough of your favorite Waterlox products.

In November, look for two very significant launches – the debut of the Waterlox YouTube Channel and the very first Waterlox e-Newsletter. We’ll use our YouTube Channel to not only promote the videos that we produce, but also those that are submitted that give other Waterlox users a greater feel for using products in specific applications, from flooring and cabinets to outdoor uses and more.

Our Waterlox e-Newsletter will be a bold foray into providing weekly information directly to your in-box. We’ll have links to all social media and will focus on highlighting the trends and products that have made our customers come to know and love Waterlox. We’ll announce the e-Newsletter on Facebook and make sure to add your address to our list to receive our weekly emails.

Please share our social media sites with friends and colleagues and have a safe and Happy Halloween.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Welcome to the Waterlox Blog

Four generations after Waterlox was founded in 1910 and the company remains committed now more then ever to providing superior finishing solutions that enhance and protect the natural beauty of wood.

So to launch our new blog it makes sense to post the history of Waterlox to give you a better sense of how the company has evolved over the years.

1910          R.L. Hawkins, Sr., establishes The Empire Varnish Company to produce a full line of exterior and interior paints, varnishes, enamels and stains.

1930s    The introductions of Waterlox Transparent leads to other tung oil-based finishes that become the company’s most prominent line. The Waterlox Division is established.

1940s    R.L. Hawkins, Jr., joins his father’s company.

1960s    The Empire Varnish Company becomes Waterlox Chemical and Coatings Corporation. R.L. Hawkins Jr. is named President.

1970s    J.W. Hawkins (3rd Generation) joins the company, becomes president (1985), and continues to run the company today.

1990s    A name change to Waterlox Coatings Corporation signifies a continued commitment to delivering a new and expanded product line and a continued commitment to quality coatings.

2000s    Waterlox launches a brand new look for its tung oil line of Legendary Wood Finishes. Kellie Hawkins-Schaffner (4th Generation) joins the company, reaffirming the Hawkins family’s commitment to quality, value, reliability and knowledge.